Christopher A. Crane & Lloyd Reeb

The Social Entrepreneur

Seasoned Advice To Help Entrepreneurs Multiply Their Impact 100x

A practical guide for high-capacity Christian social entrepreneurs of both for-profit and non-profit entities who wish to scale efficient, compassionate enterprises.

Multiply Your Impact 100x

Many social entrepreneurs hold a great vision to solve deeply rooted human problems, but they lack the necessary experience, knowledge, funds, or connections to accomplish this—efficiently. In The Social Entrepreneur, Christopher A. Crane and Lloyd Reeb provide veteran wisdom to help entrepreneurs maximize their impact. 

The authors want to help you multiply a hundred times the impact of your efforts to bless others. This is what Jesus meant when He compared one’s life to seed that multiplied crops “some thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times.”


CHRISTOPHER A. CRANE cofounded and served as the CEO of Edify, which works with Christian schools in developing nations, and he was the CEO of Opportunity International, a Christian microfinance organization that worked in twenty-eight countries.

LLOYD REEB cofounded the Halftime Institute, a global movement helping thousands of successful leaders discover their purpose and experience deep joy in living it out. Lloyd has invested twenty-five years coaching leaders on that journey.

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This resource helps you shape a comprehensive plan and asks you to consider the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Dave Blanchard

CEO and cofounder of Praxis Labs

The Social Entrepreneur